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still 10 days…

Okay, so I’m double posting. Sue me!

I forgot to mention this morning that tonight is the finale of America’s Top Model. This show has totally sucked me in….and if you haven’t been watching, and want some entertainment tonight, you should watch the recap at 8pm, then the final episode at 9. It’s just so kitschy and silly and Zoolander-esque. My money is on Elyse, like everyone else, but I think they might just give it to Adrienne to shock us. Have to wait and see, I guess.

Also I want to update on my experience buying the soundtrack at Best Buy today. First, I look in the New Releases (not there) and then in Soundtracks (also not there). So I hunt down a guy in a Best Buy blue shirt in the DVD section and ask him for help. He says, “Let’s find one of these guys in music,” then glances around to see, as I have seen, absolutely no one working that section. He seems a bit perturbed by it, to be honest. So he leaves me browsing and then goes to find someone. Later he returns with an employee who looks all annoyed and flustered even before I ask him for the soundtrack, which he then has to look up on his computer, which, by the time it takes to log in with all these different screens, seems to be on the level of something you might find at NASA or something. But I digress. Finally he announces that they do have five copies, but they’re not out, but he knows “exactly where they are.” The way he says this makes it sound like they might be behind something large and heavy, or perhaps being guarded by a wild animal. He asks me if I want one, I say yes, and he heads off to the storeroom to tackle whatever obstacle awaits him. Then he comes back with one copy, which he hands to me, looking even more annoyed than the first time I saw him. I of course thank him profusely because I have likeabilty issues. Again, I digress.

My point is that don’t you think maybe someone else, other than me, might be looking for it? I mean, if you’re bringing one, could you maybe bring two. Or three? But whatever, I got mine, and that’s what counts. Then I went to Borders, where they had it featured prominently on their New Releases shelf, AND it was on sale. So, as Elle Woods would say, snaps for them!

Okay, I’m done now. I promise.

have a good afternoon everyone!