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9 days

Well. I just watched the finale of America’s Top Model, which I Tivoed last night, and I am BLOWN away by the end result. Who knew Adrienne would go all the way? And wasn’t Elyse getting cut before Shannon just such a Tamyra Gray moment? Because this show has cribbed so much from other successful reality shows–the somber, morose “elimination,” from Survivor, where Tyra acts like she’s about to execute someone, the bitchy three judges from Idol, the living-together-in-sweet-pad from Real World, I guess I should have known that they’d work it to take out the favorite and leave someone you’d never expect to go further. I loved that when Elyse was talking about being cut she said, “Well, now I’ll be a doctor, and not a supermodel.” Wouldn’t we all love to have those kinds of options? Sheesh. Still, compelling TV, and they’re doing it all again next season.Why wouldn’t they?

Meanwhile, I also watched the rest of “Project Greenlight,” which I am already completely addicted to. I feel for this girl, the screenwriter, and last night when the directors were trying to wrench her script away from her, angling so obviously to cut her out entirely, I could feel myself getting so MAD! I already have issues with some of these people, and I only watched one episode….can’t wait for next week. When did I get back into being addicted to TV? Oh, right. TiVo. My friend Tioga said to me, when he heard I got it, “Oh, it’s over for you. You’re done.” And you know what? I think he was right.

At the very beginning of Top Model, I saw another How to Deal commercial. They’re everywhere! I’m not even having to actively seek them anymore, they’re just ON, all the time. Goodness. And today, at 5:30, I’m going to be on the local radio station here in Chapel Hill (WCHL, to you local folks, 1360 AM) which I am very excited about. Plus yesterday I did an interview with the Boston Globe. The media onslaught continues….

…as does the heat. It’s officially wilt-you-the-second-you-step-outside July here in North Carolina, when deoderant and air conditioning become your best friends. Our state slogan: “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.” (If you live anywhere between Murphy and Manteo you know what I mean.) The only time you want to even try to do anything outside is first thing in the morning, or after the sun goes down. So I better get going, before it’s too late.

have a good day everyone!