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8 days

Okay, so I’m already running late, so this will be a condensed entry, touching on all the things I want to say but very, very quickly.

1) Britney’s confession to W magazine. Are we surprised? Is this even our business? I think no on both counts. Too much information!!!

2) Cameron Crowe is filming a new movie. Wonderful. With Kirsten Dunst. Wonderful. And Ashton Kutcher? Well….I’ll wait and see. I’m not a huge Tom Cruise fan, but I loved loved loved Jerry Maguire. And my married woman crush on Cameron Crowe is so well documented.

3) It is so hot again here today. And I think a bird just slammed into our downstairs window. Are these events related? Probably not. But the heat does seem to be getting to everyone.

4) “Jack Osbourne: Back From Rehab.” Doesn’t that sound like a concert tour? I understand MTV wanting to cover him talking about Oxycontin, I think the special was great, but the title, at first glance, sort of seemed to downgrade the seriousness of it all. But I’m a stickler for titles. It’s just how I am.

5) Yesterday, I was on local radio between traffic and weather. The headphones they gave me were slipping off the back of my head the entire time, so I had to hold them on with a death grip while attempting to summarize the inspiration for both That Summer and Someone Like You in about thirty seconds. Hard to do. You try it!

6) How can it only be eight days until the movie comes out? *shrieeeeeeeek*

7) There isn’t really a seven. It’s just my lucky number. And, considering now I’m officially late, I think I’ll need that luck to not hit every red light on the way to this interview. Wish me luck!

have a good day everyone…..