Lock and Key Contest!

To celebrate the paperback release of Lock and Key (on May 14th) and my new community site Sarah-land (open now!) I’m having a CONTEST. Here’s the idea. We got to thinking about the idea of Sarahland, and what it really means: to me, it’s the idea that I’ve always tried to make my books take place, well, anywhere. Sure, there’s Lakeview, and Colby, but in my mind, it could just as easily be your town, or my town, or anytown. So with that in mind, we’d like to see what Sarahland looks like where YOU are. Confused? Don’t be. Here’s the idea: take a picture of something where YOU live that reminds you of one of my books. Here are a few examples, from MY hometown:

Here’s how you enter:
1. Take a picture, add your own quotes or text.
2. Send it in an email (as an attachment) to sarah at sarah dessen dot com. You’ll receive an autoresponse, which will let you know we got your entry. Put your full name in the body of the email.
3.The photos must be original (we’ll disqualify any that look like they are stock images, sorry). By sending us your image, you give us permission to post it on Sarah-land, my blog, and my Facebook fan page.
4. Deadline for entries is MIDNIGHT on Sunday, May 10th. We’ll pick our favorites and announce winners on or around May 14th, when Lock and Key is published in paperback.

FIRST PRIZE: A lock and key necklace, USWIM t-shirt, signed copy of Lock and Key AND advance copy of Along for the Ride
SECOND PRIZE: USWIM shirt and signed copy of Lock and Key, advance copy of Along for the ride
THIRD PRIZE: Signed copies of Lock and Key and Along for the Ride
Good luck!