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7 days

Yes, people. That would be ONE WEEK.

Good God.

Last night I saw a new How to Deal commercial while watching “True Life: I’m A High School Senior,” which was so compelling I couldn’t tear myself away from it. I’m beginning to think that my high school experience was even more atypical than I thought. They had all these people at different high schools going through the last few days of their senior year, with senior trips, and pep rallies FULL of school spirit. They even had people who were weeping at the last bell because it was all over. I didn’t know anyone who did that. Not one person. And we didn’t all rally together and jump up and down to celebrate our last few days together..I don’t even think we had a class trip, or a class anything for that matter. Or maybe we did and I just skipped it, as I was wont to do those days, wasn’t much of a joiner when it came to anything school related, to be honest.

I guess this was on my mind because during an interview yesterday a reporter said that in his opinion, people are into YA books because they either really loved high school and are nostalgic for it, or because they hated it and are trying to purge the experience. Which I think is right on. I guess you can tell which category I fall into, although it’s not that simple, really. Would I still be writing about high school if I wanted nothing more than to forget it? I don’t know. But these people, last night on that show, they were really loving high school. And I just don’t know anyone like that. All my friends, then and now, wanted nothing more than for it to be over. They hated it so much that NONE of them would go to the ten year reunion with me, had no interest whatsoever. Maybe this is a Chapel Hill thing. It’s hard to say. Maybe with a university so close, you feel all three years of high school that you have one foot in college already anyway.

Whatever. The point is, the show made me think. And I love when I can say that about anything on MTV. I do!

Meanwhile, this is the first day in awhile I haven’t had an interview to think about, so I’m going to get out of the house and have one of my typical errand-running, bank-going, post-office-stopping-by boring Fridays, the kind that I absolutely love and really, really need right now, because if I stop and think about everything that’s happening next week I just kind of freak out, to be honest. (Man, that was a long sentence. This is me stressed: my grammar and sentence structure is going!) Next week is going to be a blast. But I’m kind of glad I have a couple of days to work up to it.

have a good day everyone!