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To answer AnnaMo’s questions….

Yes, we are going to the NY premiere. We leave on Wednesday, go up for it, then come back Thursday. I’m not talking about it on the website because I think it’s just better to discuss it after the fact. Plus I am *really* nervous about it. I did buy a really cute outfit, with these killer shoes (AnnaMo, they’re like your prom shoes you had on at Michael’s wedding) and I’m just hoping to survive the evening without a twisted ankle. I will keep my eyes peeled for celebs! Jay is coming with me to keep me calm, thank God.

We go to the Cape July 30-Aug 6, a Wednesday to a Wednesday. So hopefully we’ll see some of you? Anna? Hanja?

I will post the unedited version of the NY experience on a friends post, I promise. Yikes!

hope you are all well…..