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6 days

Ah, Saturday. I just love this day.

Last night I spent a couple of hours signing posters at the Flying Burrito, where I used to work. I sat at table two, in the bar section, and while I wouldn’t exactly call it a huge turnout, I got to see a lot of my former customers, and co-workers, and bunches of my friends. From people who had no idea who I was or why I was there, I got a lot of strange looks, as they wondered what kind of person, exactly, goes out to eat alone on a Friday night with only a stack of movie posters for company. But anyway. It was fine, I saw, like, everyone I’ve ever known in my life, and I got catfish tacos, which were totally delish. Yum!

Meanwhile, the How to Deal media bonanza continues. Today on MTV, there’s supposed to be an episode of Diary starring Mandy Moore…it says 2pm, but check your local listings. There’s a flip book you can check out here, which is pretty cool. I myself am TiVo-ing (again, is that a word?) everything having to do with Mandy or the movie, just so I don’t miss anything.

I was talking to someone I know who’s involved in the movie yesterday about the opening weekend, and how Bad Boys Two is, you know, everywhere now. (Last night, Access Hollywood was about JUST that movie. It had the whole show!) I don’t think anyone expects How to Deal to come out ahead of Will and Martin, but I still think there’s a bunch of people out there who might be interested in an alternative. I told this person I was talking to how much support I’ve seen for the movie here, on my site, as well as Mandy’s, and how I was really curious to see how many folks turned out next weekend. Of course me going to see it mutiple times will obviously help the box office numbers. As will my friends all going. I think New Line is going to see a spike in numbers here in Chapel Hill and be perplexed by it. That would be nice!

Anyway, anyway, anyway. It’s Saturday, I need to eat breakfast and get going. Have a good day everyone!