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4 days

Okay. Okay. Okay.

So every day, before I update this journal or do pretty much anything else, I go and read the New York Post’s Page Six, which is my all-time favorite gossip site. Today, before I had a chance to do that, though, I got a journal post from trishanyc for which I am VERY grateful, as it probably saved me from certain cardiac arrest. Because if I followed normal routine, I would have been reading along just like any other day and then completely lost it when I saw MY NAME ON PAGE SIX. My name! On Page Six! OH MY GOD!

Check it out here.

If I had indeed stumbled upon it accidentally, I am sure I would have fallen out of my chair, clocked my head on my desk, and knocked myself out. Seriously. And considering I have a pretty big day today, that would have been mighty inconvenient…so thanks Trisha. I appreciate it.

I am really and truly going to try and calm down now. Try being the operative word. Page Six! This is just not happening.

*takes deep breath*

Okay. Moving on.

I looked up Mandy’s appearances on TiVo for How to Deal, so I have a little list for anyone who’s interested. She’s going to be, well, everywhere in the next week or so:

7/16 Late Show with David Letterman
7/17 The Today Show
7/17 Conan O’Brien
7/18 Regis
7/21 The Early Show

And there are probably others…check your local listings. It looks like I may be in New York that morning of the 17th…maybe I should go down to the Today studio and stand outside? I am such a nerd, I swear. But: a nerd on Page Six!!!!! How often does that happen?

Finally, before I go and breathe into a paper bag, I just want to thank everyone who has bought the How to Deal book, as well as any of the other books over the years. I appreciate it more than you know. Really.

have a good day everyone!