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3 days

Good morning.

Today, I am recovering from one of the best nights of my life. No joke. Last night, we had a local hometown premiere of How to Deal for about two hundred of my closest friends and family, and it was a total blast. Oh, my goodness.

A town car came and picked us up here at the house, which was just so ultra glam, so we rode through the cow pastures and cornfields in style. We went to the Burrito, where I tried to calm my nerves before we headed to the theatre, where everywhere I looked I saw someone I knew. Luckily, my friends Bianca and Ashley were waiting for me. With flowers!

It was like my wedding, I swear, that feeling that you can’t look in any direction without seeing someone you recognize. I got to watch the movie from my favorite spot (fourth row center!) with my husband on one side and my friend Leigh, who I’ve seen about a million movies with, on my other. And behind me, again, just about everyone I’ve ever met in my entire life. I had to take a picture.

And then we saw the movie. It was my second time, since I’d seen it back in April, but it was totally different getting to see it in a packed theatre. The movie is so cute, you guys: SO cute. And when my name came up on the screen in the end credits, everyone cheered and clapped, which was, really, one of the best moments ever in my life. Again, no joke.

Afterwards I had about seventeen hundred conversations in the lobby before we proceeded to Spice Street, a local restaurant, for a reception. The food there is amazing, not that I got to eat because I was too busy talking. (Again: just like my wedding!) A huge highlight was getting to hang out with two of my mentors, women and writers I truly admire, Lee Smith and Marianne Gingher:

It was an incredible evening, planned from start to finish by Bianca. It was one of the best parties I’ve ever been to. No joke! I went to bed entirely too late and today I have a sore throat from talking too much. All worth it, though. I can’t think of a better way to start this week. (Although Page Six helped!)

Tonight, I go to a radio station premiere of the movie in Raleigh, and Wednesday we head to New York for the official premiere. I’ll try to update sometime tomorrow if at all possible, but if not I’ll be back here with one day to go and some good stories to tell. I am *hoping* for some major celebrity citings. Keep your fingers crossed for me, okay?

Meanwhile, today, and all this week, I am trying to pace myself, attempting to get enough sleep, drink liquids, and eat cruciferous vegetables. (Okay, so I’m not really doing the vegetable part.) After this entry, I’m going to pack my suitcase, eat a turkey sandwich, and indulge in that wonderful practice, the 11:30 nap. AHHHHHHHHHH. And I need it. No joke.

have a good day everyone!!!!