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Okay: but I’m getting ahead of myself.

*takes DEEP breath*

So New York, and the premiere, was amazing. Let me back up and tell the story in full. Pull up a chair, get comfortable. Ready? Okay.

The worst part of the trip was the first part: the flight to NYC. There was a very unhappy baby in the seat in front of us: VERY unhappy. She started screaming about a half hour into the flight and screamed for forty straight minutes. I felt so bad for her…and for myself, because I’m a totally nervous flier and the screaming did not help. Good gracious, it was like torture. But finally, we landed. And from then on, it was just flat-out great.

You know that scene in Almost Famous where they’re driving into the city and Jimmy Fallon says, “Welcome to New York. Nervous? You SHOULD be nervous.” I kept thinking that as we crossed the bridge, albeit without a Led Zeppelin song accompanying us. I was a nervous wreck, to be honest, had no idea what to expect, but once we got checked into the hotel I calmed down a little bit.

About an hour before the premiere, we met my editor and some wonderful women from Viking for drinks, then drove to the premiere. When we arrived, it was just like you’d expect: lots of fans standing around, LOTS of photographers. There was even a red carpet–which was really short, which seemed sort of weird. When we were standing there Sarah Hughes, the ice skater, had just arrived, so everyone was yelling “Sarah! Sarah!” which, although I knew they weren’t addressing me, was still sort of exciting in a vicarious sort of way. Other celeb citings: Quddus from MTV and (I am sure I am spelling that wrong), Evan Handler, who plays the guy Charlotte’s dating on Sex and the City (how cool is that???). There were probably many others but I was sort of too overwhelmed to be looking carefully. The paparazzi thing was crazy. Here’s a view from the other side of the red carpet:

Once inside, we had to show our passes and headed to the theatre. I stood for awhile upstairs, watching some of the stars of the movie work their way past all the TV crews, doing interviews. It was all very glam, I have to say. Then we went inside–there was free popcorn!—and took our seats. The theatre was huge, and gorgeous, and crammed with people. When Mandy came in (with Andy Roddick, of course) there was an explosion of flashbulbs and buzzing. She looked gorgeous, of course. And then the movie started.

Now, I’ve seen this movie three times in three days now, so maybe you’d think I’d be sick of it. Nope. I still think it’s just so cute.

Afterwards, we boarded these double-decker buses for a ride to the party. Now I know some of the people were probably cheesed out by the whole bus-sightseeing thing, but I thought it was awesome. The TRL crew was right behind us, also totally exciting. When we got to the club where the party was being held there was a big line, but we tagged along behind the producer (thanks Bill!) and got to skip it. Inside, it was packed. I really wanted to talk to some of the actors I’d met last summer in Toronto, but because I was sure they’d totally have forgotten who I was I was kind of nervous to approach them. Luckily, my new friend Jocelyn is totally adept at working a room just like this one. And because of her, I got pictures.

Here’s me with Allison Janney (who looked GORGEOUS and said she totally remembered me, so sweet)

And with Mary Catherine Garrison, who plays Ashley, who is fantastic in this movie:

With Alex Holden, who was totally nice to me in Toronto and even nicer last night:

Of course the biggest crowds were around Mandy and Trent. When we finally got to Trent, he recognized me immediately (which just made me swoon) and then kissed me on the cheek TWICE (which just made me about die, I swear to God.) Not only is he smart, and gorgeous, and really good in this movie: he brought his grandmother to the premiere. I mean, he’s just about perfect, isn’t he?

I’d almost given up hope on getting a picture with Mandy, because she had security all around her and, even with Jocelyn working them as hard as she could, they were really adamant she wasn’t going to talk to us. But then, just as she was going down the stairs, she saw me. So I waved, and she waved back, and then she stopped and talked to me. I said I was sure she didn’t remember me, and she said of course she did (!) and I told her that the only picture I had of me with her was like, the worst picture ever. The one in the church? she said (she did remember!) and I said yes, and she said, “Well, it’s probably not good of me either,” which is just very modest because anyone can tell that girl does not EVER take a bad picture. Anyway, we posed, and she congratulated me on the book hitting the best seller list, which was just so nice that I could have died happy right then, I swear to you. I really could have.

Anyway, so that’s my recap. I topped off the night eating a fantastic turkey club sandwich in a diner at 12:30, one of the best meals I’ve ever had. And then today, I dragged myself on another plane and came home. The whole trip was a little over twenty-four hours, which makes it seem strangely dreamlike, now. But it did happen. I have pictures!

Tomorrow, the movie opens. Finally! But for tonight, I’m a happy girl. (And, truthfully, a totally exhausted girl.) But I’m so grateful I could bring back pictures, because I kept thinking of all of you, and how supportive and excited you’ve been, and I just want to thank you all. Really.

see you tomorrow.

have a good evening everyone!