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it’s here.

Oh, my goodness. It’s finally here.

I just finished watching Mandy on Regis and Kelly (live) and on Conan O’Brien (Tivo-ed.) Between her and Allison Janney, How to Deal is all over the place. I’m overwhelmed. And a little out of my mind, since my dog was up throwing up all last night (I guess I’m not the only one who’s a bit nervous these days.) But I digress.

Last night, in a state of near-total, bleary-eyed exhaustion, I saw a new commercial for the movie, and this one said, “Now a New York Times Bestseller.” I just sat there, in shock. And then, because I’ve gotten about, oh, ten hours of sleep in the last three days, I burst into tears. It’s all just so crazy and wonderful. I don’t know how else to explain it. So I won’t even try.

(Oh, God, I’m about to get choked up again….okay, I’m fine. No, really. I am.)

I’ll be back later with another update. But until then…

have a good day everyone!