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Which How to Deal character are you?


I just find that so funny. I really do.

Okay, so today is the day when I have pledged to 1) clean up my house 2) get some downtime and sleep and 3) NOT go see the movie. (I have now seen it four times in five days. I dare anyone to break my record!) Last night Bianca, Ashley and I went to the multiplex at the new mall to catch the early evening showing. We were in total reconnaisance mode, eavesdropping on the the comments the people around us were making during the movie and trying to do a head count to see how many folks had turned out. Some of our findings: extended hissing at the sight of Elizabeth Gunderson, a fair amount of loud sighing over Trent, and a few “awwwwwws,” at the end, very nice.

This whole last has been so insane. I think I’ll need all of next year to recover. But it’s the good kind of exhaustion, the slap-happy sort. And all totally worth it.

*looks around*

God, my house is so dirty. And my dogs are giving me that pathetic, Cat’s-in-the-Cradle neglected look. So much for Hollywood. My real life needs me. Now, if I can only manage to avoid movie theatre today……

have a good day everyone!