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Which How to Deal character are you?

Wow. This is a big, big day for me.

This morning, I sent my husband out to pick up the New York Times. When he came home, I slid out the Book section, then flipped to the last couple of pages to the bestseller lists. And there, underneath the fiction bestsellers, was the top ten of the Children’s Trade Paperback list. And I was at number 10.


When I was a kid, my parents got the Times every Sunday, and I ALWAYS immediately pulled three sections: Arts and Leisure (to check out the movie stuff) The New York Times Magazine (to drool over the luxury ads in the back) and the Review of Books (for obvious reasons: then and now, I was a total book nut.) All my life, to somehow BE on the Times bestseller list, my name there, has been the biggest dream. And now it’s happened. It is truly amazing.

My husband said, “What do you think?” and I said, “Life’s dream achieved!” Then I looked at the other thing he’d come in with, and said, “What’s that?” He said, “Oh, I brought you an egg salad bagel.” To which I said, “SECOND life’s dream achieved!”

Okay, so the bagel wasn’t *quite* as exciting. But still. All in all, a wonderful way to start the day. I think it’s also a good way for me to make the transition from thinking a LOT about the movie to turning back to what is, in the end, closest to my heart: my writing, and my books. This week has been a fun ride, a great time, and sometimes I still think it was so amazing it all had to be a dream. But today, I start my bookstore signings, and get back to what is more familiar ground.

That said, I’ll be at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh tonight at 7pm, and the Regulator in Durham tomorrow at 7. Later in the week, I do Branch’s Chapel Hill Bookstore and Market Street books. Another wild week. But I think I’m ready. Or I will be. As soon as I go eat that bagel.

have a good day everyone!