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Good morning.

The reviews for How to Deal continue to roll in, and I have to say my favorites are from my friends and family. Of course they’re totally biased, but it’s fun to see what the people who know me and the books best have to say. Last night I had a great turnout at the Regulator Bookshop, and even while I was reading I was nervous thinking of my parents and aunt up in Massachusetts, going to the 7pm showing of the movie. My parents are (obviously) not teenage girls, so I was a little worried about what they’d think of a teen movie. (They are intellectual types, a trait that, clearly, was not passed on to me. But I digress.) No sooner had I walked in the door last night they called: my mother, skipping even a hello, said, “We loved it!” which was then followed instantly by “And I’m not just saying that because I’m your mother!” because she knew that would be exactly what I thought. Apparently, they thought the grandmother was a hoot, and now they are both full-fledged Mandy Moore fans. Again, not exactly her key demographic. But it’s still nice.

For other opinions about the movie, I’ve checked a few sites…and I have to say the video clips here are very entertaining, especially the ones with Ebert and Roeper and Leonard Maltin and some woman whose name I don’t know, but who I now *love* because she liked the movie so much. It’s HOT, in her opinion. What more can you ask for?

Meanwhile, today, I head over to my local NPR station, WUNC, to do their show The State of Things. They’re having me for the full hour, LIVE, and opening up the phones to answer questions. Frankly, I’m a little nervous. Before when I’ve been on WUNC they’ve always taped the segment, then edited it so nicely to make me sound concise and smart. Live is a whole other matter. If you want to listen, go here at noon today, (EST) and I think it will run again tonight at 8. Wish me luck!

The best part of all of this was this morning, when I was brushing my teeth and listening to Morning Edition (I’m a total NPR addict) and they shifted from Bob Edwards talking about Iraq to Trent Ford talking to Mandy about love, all within the space of about five seconds. And how often do you hear the Goo Goo Dolls on NPR? I mean, really. So surreal!

have a good day everyone….