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So, I’m finally back on track with my TV watching (so crucial in my life, you know) and I just want to say that my new hero is Erica Beeney, the screenwriter from Project Greenlight. I am so rooting for this girl: last night, I found myself literally shouting at the TV when she was going off on those directors, who seem to think nothing of cutting up her script and writing in their own stuff. This show is so compelling. It’s like watching one crisis unfold after another, daily disasters, but you just can’t tear your eyes away. I’m loving it. Loving it!

Meanwhile, I am also up on my Sex and the City watching, and it’s sort of sad that Jack Berger is finally growing on me just as it’s clear he’s probably going to be phased out as Carrie’s Boyfriend pretty soon. But he’s still not my favorite character. I just don’t get a good feel for him, and I don’t think it’s Ron Livingston’s fault..he’s just not that well drawn as a character, in my opinion. Plus the fact that he’s jealous of Carrie, that two episodes in a row have been about his insecurities, didn’t help. Give this man some sympathetic characteristics, STAT!

(What is up with all the exclamation points today? I think I’m trying to make up for the fact that I’m so tired. Yeah, that’s it. !)

There have been a few posts lately asking the same question about How To Deal: what are those little brown things that Halley’s eating throughout the movie? I’ve heard them described as “wooden-looking,” by some folks, but in my opinion (and I am just postulating, because they aren’t from the books) they are some sort of chocolate cordial, the sort of thing with a chocolate outside and maybe some sort of fruity liquid inside or something. I think that’s why Macon brings her chocolates when he’s looking for forgiveness. Again, just my opinion. If you have another, please, feel free to Discuss.

Finally, Bianca alerted me yesterday to this auction on Ebay, one of many featuring items from the movie. How cool is that, to be able to buy Mandy’s pajamas? I’m thinking I might have to bid on something…..hmmmm.

have a good day everyone!