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I need some caffeine. BADLY!

But before I go drain the coffeemaker, I’d like to point out to you local folks that tonight, I’ll be doing a signing at Branch’s Chapel Hill Bookshop at 7:30. This is such a cool little bookstore, the first independent one to open in Chapel Hill in years, and you just want to really root for them to do well. Everytime I’m in there I feel compelled to buy not one book, but many. Anything I can do to help.

Meanwhile, I suppose I should do a full confession and tell you all that I went to see How to Deal AGAIN yesterday, this time with my cousin Caroline, who is just back from Paris (I know, so glam) and wanted to see it. I know I should be sick of the movie, totally sick, but truthfully I’m just not. I have to say—and again, clearly, I’m not the most unbiased opinion—that this is a movie that really holds up over repeated viewings. I can totally see it being the sort of movie I would buy on DVD, then flip around to my favorite parts, wearing out the chapter function on the DVD player to see certain parts again and again. As I said, might just be me. But I sort of doubt it. When I tend to like something a lot, usually I’m not alone. (Witness Sex and the City, Will and Grace, devilled eggs, and my husband, to just name a few.)

Isn’t it weird how time works? A week ago, I was in New York, coming down off the high that was the premiere. This time next week, I’ll be on vacation, doing something equally exciting (or maybe sleeping, which at this point would be pretty freaking spectacular.) For today, though, I’m right here, not a bad place to be. Even better: standing by my coffeemaker, cup in hand. Yesssssss!

have a great day everyone….