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Friday. Friday. Friday!

Today I am doing my best to do nothing. NOTHING. After being so crazybusy, and doing all these bookstore appearances (thanks to everyone at Branch’s for last night, and to everyone who came out, thank you as well) I’m so happy to have a day carved out with nothing much on tap. So nice. I may not even leave the house. So there!

In Entertainment News, I’ve heard a couple of things that have made me go “Hmmmmm,” the first being that Friends is spinning Joey off onto his own show. My friend Jessica emailed me about this recently saying “This is just so wrong!” and I’m sort of compelled to agree with her. I mean, I love Joey, but spinoffs don’t always do well, and hasn’t the Friends cast always been about an all-for-one, one-for-all mentality? Okay, so Frasier was a spinoff, and I liked that show (although I haven’t watched it in a couple of years) but that’s sort of the exception, isn’t it? Okay, and Rhoda, that was a good show. But on the other side you have about a million others that didn’t work.

Also in intriguing news, we hear that David Duchovny is going to turn up on Sex and the City as a potential Carrie boyfriend. Think about it for a second: I know, it’s WEIRD! I’m not sure how I feel. I was never a big X-Files fan but I did like Mulder, but him and Carrie… I said: Hmmmmmmm. Should be interesting, at any rate.

Finally, in what is so totally not entertainment news, I’d like to report yet another sign that summer is going to start winding down soon…the corn around here is getting REALLY high. It’s everywhere, and sometimes, when you’re driving down the road, it’s just arcing up over each side, casting weird shadows, passing by in the periphery like a blurring green wall. Yikes. Then one day, I’ll be driving into town, and suddenly it will just all be different, harvested, a clear line of vision again. That’s when it seems like fall is just around the corner. But hopefully, we still have awhile.

Okay, enough corn talk. And Joey talk. And Mulder talk. Enough talk, period. A little silence is nice, every once in a while. Especially on a Friday.

have a good day everyone!