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So, SO late updating today. I think I’m already in vacation mode.

That’s probably why, as well, I just can’t think of ANYTHING interesting to say today. Things are pretty boring, and I’m loving it. Really. So I’ll do what I do whenever I find my own life too dull to comment on: comment on someone else’s.

Over the weekend, we got the news that Liza Minnelli and her new husband, David Gest, officially split. Now I know, some of you are asking yourselves, “Who is Liza Minnelli?” Well. Let me tell you. She’s Judy Garland’s daughter, for starters, which makes her iconic in her own way, but she’s also one of these celebrities that singlehandedly seems to keep the National Enquirer in business, what with her addictions to booze and pills and all her health problems. Then she meets David Gest, who seems entirely weird himself, and they marry in this crazy media circus of a wedding where Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson are attendants. (There is a picture, somewhere, of this foursome, that is scary enough to make your toes curl. Really. I can’t seem to find it anywhere…maybe one of you can and post it, so everyone will know what I’m talking about. No pressure, of course. Entirely up to you.) And now, about a year later, it’s over.


I read a biography of Judy Garland recently and she had just the hardest, hardest life. Really. Which makes it hard for me to read stuff about Liza and not feel sympathetic: it couldn’t have been easy for her, either. Then or now. Yikes. Makes you stop for a moment of gratitude. Or something.

Meanwhile, here in the more-real world, we’ve officially hit the dog days of summer. It was so muggy and humid at eight a.m. this morning it was all I could do not to just turn up the A/C and climb back into bed for the rest of the day. The heat seems to be getting to everyone: even the deer look sort of lethargic. But just before complaining (okay, maybe just after) I think back to December and that ice storm, when we had no power and it was seventeen degrees outside, about thirty inside. So I’ll take the heat. Oh, yeah. It’s just fine.

have a good (afternoon!) everyone….