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Good morning.

Okay, so this is my last entry before I disappear for a little while, but before I do I HAVE to vent about Sex and the City, which I watched on Tivo last night. Berger: good riddance! God, what an insecure, annoying, egotistical jerkwad. I couldn’t believe Carrie ever even liked him, much less was so upset to see him go. Now, granted, I’m a Big fan, and Aidan was just okay, but I NEVER liked that character. I think they tried to make him as unlikeable as possible, in fact–and he was an unlikeable writer to boot. Ron Livingston is great, love him, hated Jack Berger. I hope he stays on Long Island, festering in the deep, tightening spiral of his absolute lack of self-esteem forever.

(But really, I’m just not that invested. I promise.)

Meanwhile, as I said, I’ll be absent from this space for the next week, taking off some time to spend with my extended family. But I thought I’d leave a few links to some of my favorite sites, you know, for your reading pleasure. If you’re interested. No pressure.

First, of course, there’s Page Six, hands down the best gossip site ever. You will be ready for any cocktail party/water cooler conversation if you read this daily. Trust me.

Another good one is The Scoop, short and sweet and just fun to read.

Then there’s Ryan’s blog, Wading in the Velvet Sea, which I find incredibly entertaining, and not just because he recently mentioned me. Really. I promise.

Plus you can’t go wrong with Google Entertainment News, which provides up-to-date entertainment stories AS THEY HAPPEN, so immediate, and having a short attention span this is particularly valuable to me.

And lastly, I’ll throw in my favorite horoscope site, because it just helps sometimes to feel like you have a sense of what’s going to come your way any given day. Whether or not it happens, it’s just nice.

There you have it. Enjoy.

Finally, before I leave—and I’m really going to after this, I promise—I just want to thank all of you again for all the support and comments during the whirlwind last month or so as we led up to How to Deal being released. It was just so much fun, and feeling like I had a few people who were just as excited as I was really made everything that much better. Some of you I know, some I don’t, but I am thankful for you all. Really.

have a great week everyone!