I’m back. Sort of. I still feel sort of like I’m on vacation, or actually, like I’m in the car, as we drove to New England and after 30 cumulative hours in my Honda it’s weird now to look out the window and not see everything in motion. Highlights from our trip included:

1. driving through a monsoon on the New Jersey Turnpike, with water splashing over us from oncoming traffic in WAVES, literally

2. lots of swimming, even on overcast days (of which there were many)

3. consumption of, oh, what seemed like several gallons of clam chowder (my chowder-weight, as I’m calling it, I’ll be on the treadmill for the next year working it off, most likely)

4. seeing How To Deal on several movie marquees by the highway, which was sort of nice

5. spending time with my cousins and family, though it never felt like quite enough, but then it never does

6. winning four hands of poker playing with said cousins, which NEVER happens to me, a true high of my life

And finally:

7. coming home to my house and dogs and fearless housesitter Courtney, and knowing I don’t have to go anywhere for the forseeable future….ahhhhhh. This summer has been a true whirlwind, from start to finish, and I feel like I’ve been all over the place. But in my heart I’m a true homebody. So I’m just happy to be here.

Today, I commit myself to all those just-home tasks: laundry, filtering through the masses of emails that have piled up, taking naps, trying to woo back my dogs (who are holding a grudge, as they always do). Before I begin all that, though, I’ll share with you something I saw in a McDonald’s in Virginia. (Or maybe it was Maryland? Hard to remember, actually.) It was a flier for children’s birthday parties, everything you could get if you held a party right there at McDonald’s. It was in a numbered list form, like mine above, and said things like:

1. use of playspace
2. birthday cake
3. party favors

And then, listed like everything else, there was

4. fun

I just found myself staring at that. Like fun could be guaranteed as easily as cake, or favors. Fun. I wanted someone to hand me a list of things I could be promised, that we all could be promised, like

1. cake
2. favors
3. peace
4. happiness
5. love
6. use of playspace

Or something. I don’t know. It just struck me, but then again I was probably exhausted and strung out on too much fast food. It happens.

I’m going to stop the Deep Thoughts now, and get back to my real life. Laundry, and fun, is waiting.

have a good day everyone!