Good morning.

Massive thunder here, so I’m going to have to keep this short. Or, somewhat short. I’ll try, anyway.

The main thing I’m excited about today is the just-released new edition DVD of Valley Girl, a movie that plunges me instantly into a state of total junior high school nostalgia. I LOVED this movie, still love it, but I’ll always remember sitting at Bianca’s and watching it over and over again. Now, to teenagers today it probably will seem sort of dated, but who cares? It has Nicolas Cage and he’s so awesome in it, and it’s really the first “real” teen movie I saw. They run it on Comedy Central sometimes, but you really have to see the unedited version to get the whole experience. Plus it has “Melt With You,” by Modern English at a crucial moment: what more do you want? And this new edition has a commentary and featurettes and everything. I think I’ll put it on my shelf right between Fast Times and Say Anything. Yesssssss!

Meanwhile, it’s now raining. And dark and sort of gloomy. I’m all thrown off since yesterday was my first day back, so that felt like Monday, and this feels like Tuesday but it’s Friday and so…whatever. At least it’s the weekend. I think.

Okay, BIG boom of thunder. Yikes. Have a good day everyone!