Carson Kressley
You’re Shop till ya drop CARSON Kressley: Fashion
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Actually, Jai is my favorite. But I think the shopping thing brought me to Carson. I just love that show. I really do.

Okay, so it’s Monday and I’m tired. I cannot stop yawning, and sitting here at the computer isn’t helping. I think I need to get out of the house. But lately, I swear I’m so happy just puttering around and getting all these little things done. I’m in total reclusive mode, which I LOVE, ignoring the phone and email and taking hours to just lay on my bed and page through magazines. Bliss! School starts soon enough, and this summer was insane. This is my real vacation, I think. It’s nice.

I am going to go buy some groceries today, as I’ve been inspired to cook lately because I subscribed to Cooking Light. So far I’ve made a mediterranean shrimp salad and a chicken-breadcrumb dish, and today I’m tackling a turkey lasagna. Later this week: shrimp tacos. I swear, considering my dinners were all manwiches or veggie burgers for the last, oh, year or so, this is true progress. Maybe soon I can have people over and actually cook for them. Have to get a bit more confident first, though. I’m an appetizer pro—meaning I can put pre-prepared dips out in little dishes with spreaders like you wouldn’t believe—but entire meals make me really nervous. I’m working on it.


See? Considering I’m doing so little, there’s no reason for me to be this tired. Honestly.

Lastly, I want to say that I went to see Freaky Friday this weekend and it was really good. I vaguely remember the original, and I did read the book, but the movie is a total update and Jamie Lee Curtis is great. The only thing I didn’t like was the boy in it…I thought he was kind of too cheesy. (It was the singing that did it…if you’ve seen the movie, you know what I mean.) Anyway, all in all, a fun movie. I recommend it. It’s kind of sad how few movies I’ve seen this summer (I mean, other than HTD, which I saw like, eight times) and even sadder how few I WANT to see. I guess I’m not a blockbuster kind of gal. Maybe this fall there will be something else out there? One can only hope.

have a good day everyone!