Warning: if you aren’t into pop culture, this probably won’t be the entry for you. Just so you know.

Still with me? Wonderful. Here we go.

Okay, so first I want to say something that will probably get some people booing and hissing—but I’m going to say it anyway. Okay, so, I think everyone’s just been a little hard on the whole Ben and Jen Gigli thing.

(I’ll just wait for that hissing to die down. Okay? Okay.)

I’m the first to admit that I sort of got sick of them, with the Jenny-from-the-block video and the Dateline interview and all the tabloid stuff. But really, the tabloid stuff isn’t exactly their fault, is it? Most of the pictures and stories in Us Weekly and other places consist of paparazzi shots of them driving around or taking out the garbage or sitting at restaurants. Sure, you could argue all their appearances in the press are totally orchestrated, and maybe they are. But it seems kind of harsh for the media to just keeping running them, and pictures of them, because it sells magazines, and then take such glee in totally and completely ripping them apart when it’s fashionable to do so. You can’t have it both ways, right? We’re all to blame for making them such a big deal, because we read the articles and discuss them at the water cooler, but then we all complain that they’re overexposed and annoying. Maybe I’m just sensitive lately, or something. (It happens.) It’s not like they care either way what I think. But I hate to see people just picked on, even if they are rich and famous. Okay, so the movie wasn’t great. A lot of movies aren’t. Let’s just move on, okay?

(If you’ve been under a very large rock and missed all the reviews, go here to see what I’m talking about.)

In other pop culture news, last night I caught up on my Tivo-watching and settled in to the perfect trifecta: Sex and the City, Project Greenlight, and Made. I have to say I LOVED that Charlotte’s wedding was such a disaster, although I wasn’t crazy about SJP’s Heidi-hairstyle. What was up with that? Project Greenlight once again reaffirmed that Efram and Kyle are now not so much annoying as just totally deluded: but I will be going to see The Battle of Shaker Heights, whenever it comes out, just so I can finally see the end product. (I swear, this is an all-time high for Ben Affleck related entries for me.) Finally, I watched the Made where Jordan trains to run the triathalon. Oh.My.Godness. This kid needs his own show…he’s so whiny and impossible and yet totally, in a weird way, endearing. I love the Mades where, at the end, you feel like someone’s actually accomplished something, you know? Whether or not they do it again, or keep it up, we don’t know. But at least they leave with some sort of experience, something that will last, unlike money or love or whatever you win on all the other shows. There’s something to be said for that, I think.


Reading back over this entry, I feel that it confirms the true shallowness of my existence. Oh, well. Tomorrow I will discuss philosophy, or art history, something very erudite to cleanse my clearly muddied palate. I promise.

have a good day everyone!