I am rushing off to get my car fixed this morning–it’s making this horrible rattling noise, so loudly it scared the guys at the car wash yesterday—so I’ll have to keep this entry short and, unfortunately, skip the promised philosophy, as I can’t imagine doing that briefly. Sorry!

Two things before I go, though. First, I am just so happy to report that Season One Of Will and Grace is now available on DVD. This makes me just so pleased, to own a little bit of Jack McFarland. I know people who just don’t “get” this show, i.e. why I like it so much, but I just do and that’s that. If nothing else, Karen makes me feel that even at my craziest I am totally normal, and we all need that sometimes, don’t we? Sure we do.

In other news, yesterday I made the huge mistake of going to Staples, because I ran out of ink for my printer. Whoops. The local schools here start a week from today, and apparently EVERYONE was out buying school supplies. It was a freaking madhouse, I do not exaggerate. Lots of kids running around shrieking, and lots of moms with exhausted expressions walking around pushing carts packed with binders and pencil boxes. I will admit right here that I am sort of a school/office supply nerd, in that I can spend hours pouring over the pens and I’m was just a little too attached to my dayplanner before becoming entirely too attached to my Handspring Visor. So normally, I can spend some time in Staples. Not yesterday, though. It was too much, even for me. But it did make me mourn, as I seem to be doing daily, the gradual dwindling of summer. Sigh.

Have to run now, to make the most of what’s left. Oh, yeah, and get my car fixed. The rattling’s so annoying, and somehow I think my current solution—turning up the radio so I can’t hear it—isn’t really the best one.

have a good day everyone!