I really, really want to have something exciting to write about today. But I just don’t. How dull is my life these days?

The answer is: pretty dull, actually. And while I’d like to think I am a good enough author to keep you entertained with the boring details of me getting my haircut and a pedicure, I’m just not feeling quite THAT confident today.

I will say that while I was waiting for my toes to dry I found myself at the little drying station—don’t ask—across from a woman who immediately began talking to me. First she asked me to check the priceboard to see how much her bill was going to be. (I did.) And then, somehow, we went from that rather innocous exchange to her telling me all about her life. In about ten minutes, I learned that she was 75, her husband just had a heart attack but he’s fine now, her sister just died, her son and his wife just had a baby and they won’t listen to anyone about how to take care of it because they value doctor’s opinions over sheer common sense, as well as all sorts of other personal information. I mean, this woman could TALK. I think, in fact, that she was just dying for someone to sit down right when I did, so she could just open up and let all this out. And you know what? I sat there and did just that. I nodded, I made affirmative noises, I agreed that her daughter-in-law should listen to her more. All the while I was thinking, what is it about me that makes people want to do this? But you know what, it doesn’t really matter. The world is so cyclical that way….all these people have been having to listen to ME talk lately, entirely too much (you know who you are) and I think sometimes the universe gives you an opportunity to pay back, maybe not in the way you expected, but pay back just the same. So I listened. It was the least I could do.

have a good day (afternoon?) everyone….