Okay, so this whole power-outage thing is really bringing back the memories from our huge ice storm, and being without power for 8 days. But it’s a LOT easier, I think, to be powerless (and you feel that way, too, at the mercy of the power company) out here in the country than in a huge city. At least we could get around easily. And it wasn’t really, really hot. (However: it was really, really COLD. So which is worse? It’s hard to say.) I am such a neurotic freak that the minute I heard about the blackout on NPR I was sure something awful was happening, terrorism-wise. But it looks like it’s not that. But what IS it? Nobody seems to know. There’s an awful lot of finger-pointing going on, as well. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Speaking of the weather, it’s supposed to be a scorcher here today. That’s weather-people talk, “scorcher,” or “a hot one,” or “a real sizzler!” Welcome to August in North Carolina. It’ll cool off, oh, in early October. Not that far away, right?

Meanwhile, it’s the weekend, which means new movies. I thought Uptown Girls looked kind of cute….but the reviews haven’t been so hot. I’ve become addicted to metacritic lately, but I think you can only read so many reviews: in the end, you just have to go and see for yourself.


These are, indeed, the slow days of summer. Everything seems to be moving at half-speed, most folks are out of town, and I just don’t feel like doing much of anything. Even leaving the house seems like a huge challenge. But I need to rally. I do.

have a good day everyone!