I’ll begin this entry by apologizing for recent lack of entries. I swear, it’s just that time of the summer, when everything just slows down and you don’t feel like doing anything, because there really is nothing TO do, other than sit around looking outside at the heat and contemplating whether leaving the house is really worth the energy. Which is usually isn’t.

This explains why I did hardly much of anything this weekend, other than lay in bed and read Le Divorce, which I thought was very good, even though I think a lot of the comedy of manners/Henry James stuff kind of went over my head, as I am not that Cultured. But the book was intensely readable, and I couldn’t really put it down, which was good in that it affirmed that there ARE still books out there that I like to read and can feel inspired by, that I haven’t become so distracted that I can’t focus on a book anymore, two things I was sort of worried about earlier in the summer when even reading Entertainment Weekly was getting kind of taxing. Lately, though, I’ve been reading like crazy: a book called Girlcook, which I liked, Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight, by Alexandra Fuller, which was very interesting, and now Le Divorce. I have the new Harry Potter sitting next to my bed, although I’m a little hesitant to start it because a) I’m not a huge fan and b) it looks like a massive time commitment, by the size of it anyway. Maybe I’ll tackle a couple more slim volumes before making that leap. We’ll see.

Yesterday, I decided I HAD to leave my house, so I dragged myself to the mutliplex to see a movie. Basically, as I stood there squinting at the sign, my choices came down to Uptown Girls or Bend It Like Beckham (which I’d already seen, back in April). Common sense said I should see a NEW movie, but I found myself irresistibly drawn back to Beckham, and I’m so glad I went. I LOVE LOVE that movie. It just makes you feel good, for lack of a better description, a movie with a great story, neat beginning, middle, end, everything tied up nicely by the final credits. Judging by the state of movies today, I just want to say, is that really all that hard to do? But I think it is. Moviemaking is so much more complicated than it seems from third row center with your small popcorn. I got a small taste of this with my experience with How to Deal, how much goes into every aspect. If you doubt it, watch Project Greenlight: you’ll be amazed. But then there’s a movie like Beckham, made for practically nothing, and it just works. I think it all comes down to a good story, myself. But then I’m a writer, so of course I’d think that.

This is my final week before classes start, and I feel that I should be making the most of it: taking a trip to the beach, or cleaning out my closets, seeing my summer out with a bang and not a whimper. But I find myself strangely drawn to stick close to home, making spaghetti sauce and watching Tivo. I think so much of my summer was SO exciting, with the movie and all, that now I’m liking the mundane quality of my daily life, these long humid, overcast days and nightly thunderstorms. In fact last night, on the way home from dinner, we saw lightning like I’ve never seen, stretched out across the entire sky, sparking for a second, then gone. Wow. So maybe life isn’t so dull after all, really. You only have to look up once in a while.

have a good day everyone!