I am having one of those frustrating sort of days: I stubbed my toe on the coffee table, the printer I ordered from Dell is lost in FedEx transit limbo, and my dog will NOT stop trying eat what I am sure are totally poisonous mushrooms in the backyard.


*takes deep breath*

Okay, enough complaining. Onto happier topics. Or, just other topics. Last night I went out for drinks with my friend Courtney and ended up walking to the parking deck behind a big gaggle of punk rock kids, the sort that hang out in the business district, Franklin Street, the main drag of our fine town (also known as post office kids, as that is their preferred spot for congregating.) Anyway, I’m always intrigued by these people because when I was their age I spent a lot of time hanging out downtown, although I wasn’t a punk rock, though many of my friends were. Every time I have to walk through them en route to my car or wherever it flashes me back instantly to my younger self, sitting in front of Hector’s (now a Martini Bar, at least this week) drinking a too-sweet fruit punch and waiting for something to happen. Anyway, so I’m behind them, a couple of girls, a guy with liberty spikes and an Exploited jacket, and some kid with a trenchcoat and blue hair, who, as we make our way, suddenly turns around and sees me, then narrows his eyes at me before turning back around. It wasn’t an altogether nasty look, but not so friendly either. And I all I could think, looking back at him, was: hey, think what you will, but I WAS you once. Not so long ago. Of course, now I probably represent everything they despise, with my Kenneth Cole shoes and purse from Banana Republic, but there is that weird irony of being able to see backwards and forwards at the same time, two parts of your world colliding. It’s a strange moment.

On the flip side, the day I got married Bianca and I drove through downtown on the way to the ceremony, just for old time’s sake. I was in my dress, veil, the entire shebang, riding shotgun, and as we passed the post office a bunch of kids were out there. I waved at them, fully expecting to be flipped off or something—that’s what my friends would have done, most likely—but instead this one kid lifted his hand and flashed me the peace sign. I remember that so well, just staring at him as we passed, how unexpected that all was. Also a strange moment. But in a good way.

Okay, so that’s a little deep. How did I go from cranking about my dog to THAT? Livejournal always surprises me.

Livejournal also has been crucial in providing me with various time-wasting links, wonderful distractions for when I should be doing Something Important. One I found recently is this, which catalogs all sorts of errors with continuity and other stuff in films. I only wish they had How to Deal listed, as I spotted a few in there. Maybe when the DVD comes out I’ll do my own entry. Hmmmm.

Speaking of the DVD, I know that the movie’s gone from most theatres now, but I’m trying to find out when to expect the DVD. I know it is supposed to have a lot of cool extras, including—maybe—a documentary for which I was interviewed. Fingers crossed! We’ll see.

have a good day everyone!