I just saw Bambi in my yard. No joke.

The deer are everywhere right now, especially the babies. I keep seeing this one, by himself (herself? hard to tell with deer) running through my yard or just standing, as he/she was doing a few minutes ago, by my car, staring in at my dogs as they work themselves into a frenzy barking. I found myself worrying about this deer, that it was all alone, when you usually see them in packs. Maybe something happened to its parents, or something.

It’s so sad, when you find you’re even getting codependent about wildlife.


In other news, how cool will the new Willy Wonka movie be with Tim Burton directing and Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka? Now, I’ll always be partial to Gene Wilder, of course, but still, it is intriguing. And they did do Ed Wood and Edward Scissorhands together. I still remember Johnny Deep from 21 Jump Street, which seems like a million years ago now, like he was an entire other person. Frankly, I’m just glad Marilyn Manson isn’t still being talked about for the part, because he scares the crap out of me. This is well documented. I’m talking nightmares and everything.


have a good day everyone!