Happy Friday. Is it just me, or has this been a looooooong week?

Maybe it’s just because it’s the last official full week of summer, so I wanted it to last, or something. This weekend, probably already in fact, about 30,000 students will converge on our little town in anticipation of a new semester beginning. It’s a good time to stay away from the center of town, as it will most certainly be clogged with beer trucks and minivans packed full of dorm stuff, circling looking for parking. Town has been so dead all summer, but all that’s about to change. Yikes!

And of course there’s drama. There’s construction issues (as always) Summer Reading issues (people were up in arms last year when a book was chosen about the Koran, this year it’s Nickel and Dimed, which is apparently pushing some other agenda) and admission issues, as proved by this story , which I’ve been hearing about on the radio and was yesterday on the front page of the paper. It’s an interesting topic. How responsible are you for your grades once you’re accepted into college? On the radio, they kept talking about how this student had been sent his dorm assignment, had gotten his ID, had gotten his parking. To which I was like, “Parking? He gets parking? What’s up with that?” (I got cut from parking this year, because a bunch of spaces got swallowed up by, you guessed it, construction. But whatever, I guess that’s not the issue.) Something tells me that there’s more to this story than what we’ve heard, however. Although what it is, I have no idea.

Meanwhile, in bigger cities, today is the day Battle of Shaker Heights opens. (It takes awhile for movies to trickle down to our smaller market…I’m still waiting for American Splendor, as well.) So far, the reviews on metacritic aren’t all bad (see link above) but if you’re like me, and you’ve been watching Project Greenlight religiously, it doesn’t matter anyway. After seeing the process, I just want to see the movie and decide for myself. If it ever comes here.

For the time being, though, I’ll have to just go see Uptown Girls or Marci X or something. *sigh* When does Mona Lisa Smile come out, again? December? Sheesh.

have a good day everyone!