Good morning.

Okay, so this is offically the LAST day of summer for me: classes start tomorrow. Considering that I’m juggling finishing a piece for the local paper, editing the new book and trying to get my stuff together for school, things are a little hectic. That’s the thing about the beginning of the semester. I have nothing to do for a couple of weeks, am just sitting around, and now it’s zero to crazybusy in two days.

Anticipating this, I went to see a movie yesterday, just to zone out for a little while: Uptown Girls.

(WARNING: spoilers ahead!)

This movie was a lot different than I expected. It’s packaged as a cute, funny little chick flick, but there’s sort of a deeper feel running through it, with both of them having parents that are dead, and all that. Not to mention that I just didn’t GET the whole thing with the guy….were we supposed to like him? Hate him? He was so pompous with his stupid video but then in the end he’s good? And wasn’t the beginning of the movie sort of uneven, like she wants to get rid of him but then freaks when he leaves? Clearly, I had a lot of questions. All in all it was cute, but it just didn’t really make SENSE, although that seems to be the norm in movies today. And call me crzy, but I like things to make sense. Life is confusing enough as it is.

(Okay. End of spoilers.)

*looks at watch*

In fact, end of entry. Too much to do!

have a good day everyone….