The heat index is going to be over a hundred today, and we’re also at a Code Orange for air quality, which means it’s hot enough to kill you and breathing ain’t so good either. It’s no wonder I haven’t left the house yet.

Tonight, however, I will be leaving the house, as I’m going to be appearing at 7pm at the Barnes and Noble in Greensboro at Friendly Center. (Isn’t that a nice name? Friendly Center. Just sounds like a happy place. But I digress.) This is a signing for How To Deal, which, while a bit late, should still be fun, so come out if you’re in the area. I think this is my last thing for How to Deal, which is sort of sad, but it is time to move on.

Speaking of moving on, last night I watched the Final Project Greenlight, which was sort of sweet. I liked how they were able to make it look like by the end, everyone was getting along. And it’s so interesting to me that Kyle and Efram were able to just totally IGNORE the show, because they felt its portrayal of them would just be distracting. I wish I could be that immune to what people think about me, but then Kyle and Efram’s combined confidence (arrogance?) has always awed me. Now that it’s over, I might even miss them. A little.

*takes look outside*

Okay, if I’m going, I better go now. Before it really heats up.

have a good day everyone!