Ahhhhhhh. Saturday.

This week has been insane, but now, here I am, finally getting to kick back and do absolutely nothing, at least for a few minutes. Very nice.

So: the last weekend of summer. So depressing. I hate to see the summer go, it breaks my heart. I think I might have to make devilled eggs, one last time, to see this, my favorite season, out in style. Pretty soon, the leaves will start to change. I’ll be pulling out my Gap turtlenecks. But for today, the butterflies are still mobbing my yard—what is UP with all the butterflies this year?—and the forecast is calling for highs in the nineties. So I’ll just enjoy it while I can.

Speaking of enjoyment, I’m a little late to post Ryan’s VMA wrapup because I HAVE been so busy, but better late than never, right? I watched the first bit of it on Thursday, in an exhausted-almost-to-comatose state, and yet still felt my jaw drop when I saw The Kisses at the start. Yikes. Well, it is MTV’s job to give us all something to talk about, right? Mission accomplished. If you didn’t see the show, they’ll be re-running it all weekend, I’m sure. Or you could just read Ryan’s piece and consider yourself informed AND entertained. Up to you.

Lastly, a question: is anybody else’s Google News messed up? Whenever I click on my l link it shows me the headlines from Aug. 26th. Which is nice and all, but I think other newsworthy events have probably happened since then. Just wondering if this is them, or me. Maybe it’s a good thing for me not to be so news obsessed. Maybe, this is a sign.


Or, maybe not. I can’t do heavy thinking today, anyway. Gotta enjoy those last, mindless bits of summertime while you can.

have a good day everyone!