Ah, the official beginning of fall. I celebrated by going to the Student Stores and buying a stapler and a calculator. (I know, I am such a geek.) I have always been slightly obsessed with school supplies…I can waste a LOT of money just on pens and papers and notebooks I’ll never use. I can’t tell you how many blank journals I’ve bought, determined that This Time I’m Really Going To Keep It Up. Never happens. But they look pretty on the shelf. Just like my new stapler, which is red and see through and already came to the rescue this morning for one of my students. Gotta love that.

Meanwhile, the weekend was so uneventful I’m not even going to bore you with what I didn’t do. (And you would be bored. Trust me.) Instead, I’m going to try and look ahead to the fall, and all that comes with it. I got in such a funk last fall and winter, and I’m determined not to let that happen again. I don’t want to mourn the end of summer. I want to celebrate what comes next. (Or try to.) So here’s a list of the good things about fall and winter:

1. Gap turtlenecks
2. Lighting a fire in the fireplace
3. Thanksgiving
a.mashed potatoes
b. pie with ice cream
4. Halloween candy
5. Leaves changing
6. The new TV season! (And with Tivo, I won’t miss a thing)
7. New Fall movies
a. Mona Lisa Smile
b. Big Fish (based on my friend Daniel Wallace’s book)
8. Christmas parties
9. My dog Monkey turning 2 (or 14, in dog years)
10. Not sweating (courtesy of my officemate, Phyllis) and therefore doing less laundry
11. Fewer mosquitoes
12. Christmas break!

I’m sure there are more. Anyone want contribute one? Come on, you know you do….

have a good day everyone!