So lately I’ve been watching a lot of True Life on MTV. I used to really like this show, but the new episodes are sort of different. The basic idea is that they take a situation and follow a couple of people who are going through it: the titles are things like “I’m Getting Divorced” or “I’m Going to Fat Camp” or “I’m A Binge Drinker.” I really liked the Fat Camp one, because I think it made a point of showing how really hard it is to lose weight, and the people they followed were real people. But this new season, the shows have been so bizarre. The first one that seemed off to me was “I’m Getting Divorced.” Now, I understand that it’s hard to find people willing to have a camera follow them around for what is clearly a pretty traumatic period in their lives. But did they have to pick a couple that had been married only a couple of months, one of whom was a crackhead and living in his car? And last night I watched “‘I’m in Therapy.” Hey, good for you. But who do they pick to follow doing this very normal, very widespread thing? A male stripper who also is Mr. Nude America. I mean, what’s that all about?

I understand that MTV has good intentions. The other show I’ve been into this summer, Made, is a perfect example of this. There, they take someone who really wants to try something new—like BMX racing, or being in a beauty pageant, or running a traithalon—and helps them to achieve it by hiring coaches and then following their progress. It’s inspirational to see people push themselves really hard to achieve something that is important to them. But with True Life this season, it’s like they’re defeating the purpose of having a show that COULD help people by choosing subjects who seem better suited for reality shows or maybe Jerry Springer. This is just my opinion. But I think that in the past, these shows actually have helped people to find that there are ways to deal with their problems. That’s why the True Life page at MTV has “resources” (see link above) because they know this might, for some people, be the only information they get about binge drinking, or being depressed, or whatever. I just think that maybe in a show about divorce, you could find someone who had actually been married for awhile and had more relatable problems than the crackhead thing. And that for the therapy show, you could easily find someone dealing with problems that *didn’t* have to do with taking your clothes off and humping a pole. Again, just my opinon.

*looks back at what’s been written so far*

All right, so that was ENTIRELY too much space devoted to True Life. Good God. What’s wrong with me?

In other news. the propane guys have just arrived to pump out our tank and replace the gauge. (Whatever that means.) They just told me that they have to “run a line” and “burn it off” but, “If you see fire, don’t panic. Shouldn’t be a problem.”

O-kay then.


Before I go to sit by the window and nervously chew my thumbnail, I want to address a few questions that have been popping up in the comments section. First off, news on the new book: I’m editing it now, should be published in May or June. (I think.) This Lullaby will be released in paperback in April, last I heard. (Any Penguin Putnam reps reading this who have more info, feel free to share.) And so far I haven’t heard anything else about the Lullaby movie, but if I do, you’ll be the first to know. Okay, well, maybe the second. After my husband.

And finally, to the person who asked if I had any advice for a first day of classes in college, it would be this: if you’re in a class, and you’re confused about something, but think your question is stupid, it’s NOT. If you didn’t get something, or something doesn’t make sense, at least three other people feel the same way. So raise your hand and ask. And if you can’t do that, go up to your professor after class and ask them then. Believe me, we want to know when we’re not clear. And we’re just as nervous the first day as you are. At least, I am. Every single time.

There is a bustle of activity and trucks in my hard and my dogs are going nuts. Welcome to Wednesday!

have a good day everyone…..