Double post: what can I say, I’m procrastinating.

Which makes this as good a time as any, I suppose, to discuss how I’ve been struggling with my Mandy Moore habit. For the last year or so, I’ve been trolling Mandy Moore sites to get info about How to Deal, links to articles and things like that. It was really how I got most of my information. Now that the movie’s out and gone and halfway to DVD, though, I’m having a surprisingly hard time cutting myself off from the Mandy thing. Weird, I know. Something I probably shouldn’t admit. But there you have it. Let something become routine for twelve months or so, and you find yourself strangely attached to it.

So today, procrastinating, I found this link to Mandy’s new video for her cover of “Have A Little Faith In Me” , off her new album which comes out in October. I watched it this morning, and the song’s been in my head ever since. I’m not sure why I feel compelled to share this. But there you have it.

I’m going to go work now. Really.

have a good afternoon everyone!