So last night I went to see Le Divorce. And while I liked the book (but didn’t entirely understand it) I thought the movie was sort-of-okay. I think if you hadn’t read the book the movie would make NO sense at all. It was very scattershot and strange in places. But the weirdest thing was this continuing trend of Kate Hudson having bad hair.

What is up with this? The movie begins and she’s Kate as we love her, long blonde curls, gorgeous. A little bit into the movie, she gets this short haircut, which is somewhat cute, but the color is AWFUL. It’s like a washed out blonde with gray streaks. I mean, really. And it’s so distracting throughout the rest of the movie, because she’s supposed to be transforming into this French bombshell, but she looks so weird, with her almost-gray hair and this too bright lipstick. She looks like she did in Alex and Emma (another bad hair movie for her, with that weird gray-brown thing going on) when she was playing that over-the-top Swedish character. By the end of the movie, I swear she’s wearing a wig. At least I hope it’s a wig.

Is this some sort of conspiracy? You have to wonder. Naomi Watts looks GREAT in the movie. Even Glenn Close, sporting this long dark hair, looks somewhat interesting. But Kate just suffers. And I love Kate Hudson. Maybe it’s a Merchant Ivory thing? Maybe, to be in Serious Film Set in France one must sacrifice good hair? I’m just throwing out theories here. If you’ve seen it, and know what I mean, jump in anytime.

I think it probably says something about my life lately that this is the biggest concern I have going right now. But it was really distracting. And in the movies, don’t you just want to lose yourself in the story? I do. That’s why I go, to escape. I don’t want the real world, or bad hair, interfering. Give me the full immersion. I paid my seven bucks!


Okay, enough grumpiness. I’m off to spread my wealth of cheer to my students.

have a good day everyone!