Oh, no. Another hurricane threat.

It was about seven years ago—I think that’s right—when Hurricane Fran came ashore on the NC Coast, then moved inland and wreaked total havoc here. There was this buzzing sort of giddy excitement as it became clear it really make make it to us. I remember I had to work, and all night the winds were picking up, and we had the Weather Channel on, and then at about nine, the power went out. We lit candles,and there was this table of drunk people that were like “Free margaritas!” Everything felt really silly, and then all of a sudden, the front glass doors just flew open, banging hard against the wall outside, and everyone shut up. My boss Phil yelled “Shut those doors!” and just like that, I realized how this could actually be Serious. Which it was. I drove home with branches and brush blowing all over the road, and the power cut off at our house just as I walked in the door. It stayed off for about five days, I think. That night I laid awake for hours, listening to the wind shake our little house. We had two enormous oak trees on either side of us, and I was terrified we were going to get flattened. All I remember is the sound of rain smacking the windows: it was like someone was just tossing buckets of water, one right after the other. And the wind was howling. I finally fell asleep and when I woke up and thought, “It’s so quiet.” And it was. And weird, too. Tons of trees down, though our oaks survived, but it was crazy. In fact, we JUST cleared out a bunch of downed trees from Fran from our land, which we didn’t even own back in 1996. It’s taken that long to clean up the damage. And now here’s Isabel, churning out in the Atlantic. Today I checked to make sure we have batteries, bottled water, working flashlights, propane in the grill, water jugs we can fill, all the essentials. It seems like the ice storm, and weeklong power outage, was just yesterday. Please, Isabel: stay away! I love your name. But not you.


have a good day everyone!