There are book launches. And then there are Book Launches. Madonna’s new children’s book, The English Roses is now on sale. If you click on that link, you can hear a little audio clip of Madonna talking about her book. This is apparently the widest simultaneous release of any book ever, with over a hundred million copies going on sale today. Madonna, bless her heart, will not have to endure all those little quirky milestones of the firstime author, like appearing at a bookstore with four people in the audience, three of which came with you. Or doing the rounds of school book fairs, where you sit at a card table with six copies of your book in some gym that smells like Ben Gay. I can’t tell you how many varied humiliations I have endured while trying to promote my books…a couple of years ago I did an event at a big historic house, where I was told I’d be speaking in the garage. I thought this was just a nice term for it, you know, that it was set up as something else, but no, it was a GARAGE. I had to stand there—no chairs—with gardening implements behind me, while two very nice people who had no idea who I was—but felt sorry for me standing in front of the weedwacker all alone—listened politely as I did my little program. Oh, the shame. And it just goes on and on. It’s part of how it is: every author I know has a story like that. Many stories, in fact.

And you know what? I’m glad for all those incidents, every one of my stories, because now, when I do bookstore appearances, or talks, and I have a decent sized crowd, I am grateful for every single person. I could never take the fact that people actually come out to see me for granted. It makes every milestone that much more special and amazing. When I was on the bestseller list this summer, I was so freaking happy: it was all I’d wanted, for all those years. Five books and seven years in and it finally happened. I think if I’d gotten that right away maybe it wouldn’t have felt so good. Maybe that’s just me, though.

Anyway, so congrats to Madonna. Who knows, one of those million copies may even end up in my hands. I’ll be intrigued to read it, and even more intrigued to watch something of this magnitude sweep the globe. I have a hard enough time just seeing one of my books reviewed in the local paper. I can’t even imagine.

Oh, there’s just so much else I could talk about today….like Sex and the City being over until NEXT YEAR (!!!!) and whether I like this new fella of Carrie’s (he’s intriguing, but a little bossy I felt like). Or about Ben and Jen and all those rumors. Last night, on the local news, their rumored breakup was the third story, after Hurricane Isabel and Colin Powell and the Middle East. Now, I love pop culture as much as anyone—you KNOW that—but there’s something wrong there, people. There just is. Seriously.

have a good day everyone!