Such a weird morning.

It’s windy, and raining. Apparently, it’s going to get even more so of both, very soon. I heard on the radio today that federal employees in D.C. all have the day off, and the hurricane isn’t even THERE yet. This, what’s slapping against the window as I write this, is Isabel. Why am I at work?

(Why, in fact, do I ALWAYS come in, during ice storms, snow storms, hurricanes? What’s up with me and the martyr thing? I just don’t know.)

The thing is, we just don’t know what it’s going to do. According to the news folks, we won’t be as badly hit as with Fran in 1996 (that’s in store for Rocky Mount and thereabouts, to our East) but we can have anywhere from one to four inches of rain and winds up to 50 mph.

*turns and looks out window*

It’s looking awfully dark out there. Yikes.

My husband is currently braving another force of nature: the wrath of nervous people stockpiling food at the grocery store. We have just about everything we need, but we have a sort of storm tradition, my husband and I: Cheetos. We always buy Cheetos when it’s going to snow, or hurricane, or whatever. Otherwise, we NEVER eat them. But the prospect of natural disaster throws all nutritional concerns out the window. Normally, I do the grocery shopping, and I’m very practical about it: I make lists, plan meals, and steer clear of the junk food aisle. Which is why it is ALWAYS so fun when my husband goes to the store, but especially at times like this. During the ice storm, he went and brought home Cheetos (naturally) Pepperidge Farm cookies, incredibly expensive steaks (the grill was working, even though we had no power) and, my personal favorite, Spray Cheese in a Can. I was like, I am NOT eating that. But he got out some Ritz crackers (another purchase), put a few on a plate, and sprayed cheese on them in little curlicues, then presented them with a flourish, as if they were caviar or some fancy imported Brie. And you know what? They were good. Really good.

I can’t wait to see what he brings home today. I am hoping for something of the chocolate variety.

*looks outside again*

Well, the wind is definitely picking up. And the corridor outside my office, which is usually bustling, is just NOT. Am I the only one here? (No. I just saw my dad, but he’s even more of the teaching martyr than I am, he’d have class during a nuclear blast.) There is a weird stillness to everything, I must say. I can’t wait until I’m at home, with my spray cheese or whatever, DVD in the player, flashlight at the ready. Think good thoughts for me, would you?

have a good day everyone!