So the Emmys are tonight. Between last night’s Miss America (which I only watched the beginning of, as I find Tom Bergeron to be So Totally Annoying) and the Emmys, it’s a weekend of winners and losers, I guess. I love the Emmys, if only because it’s an excuse to camp out in front of the TV doing two of my favorite things: critiquing outfits and making nasty comments about Joan Rivers. (Normally, I try to take the high road about all things, but she’s so mean I bend my rules and allow myself a couple of digs every year.) I’m really rooting for Sarah Jessica this year, but otherwise I don’t have a whole lot of opinions. Should be interesting.

Speaking of interesting, yesterday I went to see Thirteen, which I’ve heard so much about, and my reaction was: mixed. I thought Evan Rachel Wood was amazing (as always, and I especially like her cause she’s from NC) and Holly Hunter, of course, was great as well. I’ve read so much about how gritty and real this movie is, and I’d agree, but I’d also say the drama isn’t always matched by adequate character and story development. (Any current or former students of mine reading this right now are rolling their eyes, as I am a broken record about this kind of thing in class as well.) Sure, what’s happening to this family, and this girl, is terrible: but after a little while, it gets so out of hand, and we’re not really sure WHY, and there’s a lot of screaming and wailing, and then it just ends, snap, just like that. So what happened? I have no idea. I do think it was a really unique, and compelling, film. It was yet another example of a movie I wish I’d seen with someone else, so I could talk about it. Just like I wish I’d read Kavalier and Clay for a book club or something, because there’s a LOT I have questions about in that story, as well. I guess this is the price I pay for loving my reclusiveness these days. Oh, well.

have a good day everyone!