Good morning.

So I have to say I only lasted for about two hours of the Emmys, and only the first hour without flipping channels. Was it just me, or was it just really weird and awkward? Starting with Garry Shandling, who seemed so nervous and jumpy and jittery he was making ME nervous, all the way to Wanda Sykes, who seemed completely out of place harassing the audience…I think the multiple host thing was a mistake. The high point for me was seeing Debra Messing win for Will and Grace, and catching the occasional glimpse of Sean Hayes sitting behind her. I love love love him. I wanted him to win! Along with Jai from Queer Eye, I’m beginning to wonder if I should be concerned about my married woman crushes on gay men. Oh, well, probably not.

Speaking of things I love, yesterday I heard one of the best This American Life programs EVER: it was about romance, and ended with a piece on Johnny and June Carter Cash that brought me to tears. Literally. If you haven’t ever listened to this show on NPR, you are really missing out. Here on it’s on Friday nights and Sunday afternoons, and it’s just great: stories and essays and Ira Glass and occasionally David Sedaris, another gay man I love. (I am seriously seeing a trend here.) Check out their link here, where you can listen to a bunch of shows in Real Audio. My recommendation, if you have the time, is to go to the archives and click on “The Allure of the Mean Friend,” go to the thirty-five minute mark, and listen to the excerpt from this story “The Underminer.” It is SO brilliant. But then, they’re all good. Really.

Okay, one last thing and then I’ll stop, I promise. Yesterday we went to the new Wal-Mart in Hillsborough (this is a big deal, a brand new Wal-Mart) and I bought A Mighty Wind on DVD, which I don’t think is even supposed to be out until Tuesday. I just love this movie. I watched half of it last night, and am going to finish it tonight…it’s just sweet. Not that Guffman or Best in Show or even Spinal Tap didn’t have sweet moments, but if you’ve seen this movie, you know what I mean. It’s just…nice.


have a good day everyone!