I just had one of those moments where I think I have totally failed my students. Or in this case, an ex-student, who appeared in my doorway, came in and sat down, and asked me what I thought he should do with his life. As a senior, he can go straight on to Grad school, or get a job next year, or get a job and then go on to school, or just go off and travel. First of all, I appreciated the fact that he had no idea which, if any, of these choices appealed to him just yet: too often I have students who have been programmed since Orientation as to what their Life Goals should be.

I was NEVER one of these people, which is probably why I’m so terrible at giving life goal advice. All I ever knew was that I wanted to write, and I just went from there. But I’m always hesistant to encourage people in such a vague way (follow your dream!) when I know what they really want are concrete specifics, real ideas. And I just don’t know. So I sit here, and listen, and try to be encouraging. I say the job market is really hard, and if you’re not sick of school and have someone willing to pay for graduate study, it might be worth considering. I also say if you are sick, that working for a year can really make you appreciated being in school full time.

A couple of years back I had a student say to me, “I just want to do what you’re doing. So just tell me what steps I need to take for that to happen.” And I just looked at her, because it doesn’t work like that. Waiting tables at the Flying Burrito wouldn’t send her on my path, or anyone else’s, even if that’s where it began. Everyone’s trajectory is different. The scary part is that, like so much else, you often Just Don’t Know how things will turn out. You have to go on faith, and that is really hard in a somewhat faithless world.

*reads back over what’s been written so far*

God, how did I get so deep on a Tuesday morning? Yikes.

Okay, to counter-balance the above introspection, I’ll give you two totally frivolous items. One, it seems like Ben and Jen may have fooled us all and are actually getting married in Georgia. And two, my DVD of Girls Just Want to Have Fun (which I couldn’t find ANYWHERE around here) arrived from Amazon yesterday.

There you have it. Discuss. Pontificate. Mull.

have a good day everyone!