Today, as I ate breakfast, I watched a little bit of Good Morning America. Laura Bush was on, talking about this new book drive they’re going to start, going around the country collecting books for libraries and schools. (For more info, click here.) I like this idea: it’s a plain fact that libraries are often one of the first thing that gets cut during budget crunches, and books are just so important. Whenever anyone asks me why I’m a writer, I say it’s because I grew up reading, in a house full of readers, and that’s the only real way to learn to write. I hope GMA comes here, because I would love an excuse to go buy an armful of children’s books to contribute. I really would.

Speaking of books, I saw on my cousin Ben’s page that Nanowrimo is starting up again soon. This is another idea I like. Every year, in fact, I’m tempted to participate, if only to see what I could come up with in a month’s time, if I could even churn out 175 pages. (Last year, I was already writing a novel, so I couldn’t really stop and start something else.) I think what I like most, though, is that you can write whatever you want and not be all stressed out about how good it is. I put so much pressure on myself when I write, which I think is often a GOOD thing, because it keeps me disciplined, but the idea of just writing for a month straight, knowing nobody will ever have to see it, is strangely appealing to me. Hmmmm.

Finally, I’m going to steal from my cousin Anna’s journal (I am thieving among relatives today, forgive me) and put a link to the trailer for Love Actually, which, when I watched it yesterday, just made me oh so happy. I don’t know why. It just did. I love having movies to look forward to. Don’t you?

have a good day everyone….