I was saying to my officemate earlier that today just *felt* like the kind of day to play hooky. The kind of day that, back in high school, we’d make a mutual decision en route to school to just, uh, not go. Which left open the entire day to just drive around and be rebellious. Ah, back in the day.

Then, I go to my class and about half of my own students don’t show up. And I’m mad! Yet another sign that I’m getting old. Playing hooky just isn’t the same, anyway, when you have a mortgage and are worrying about health insurance. The days when all I needed was a pack of cigarettes, a classic Coke and a bag of Doritos to feel fully complete are, I guess, behind me.

(Note: I quit smoking in 1990. It’s a bad habit! Don’t ever start, because quitting is HARD. Thank you.)

But it *is* a really pretty day. You can almost feel fall, and I’m wearing a short-sleeved sweater and new pointy-toed Maryjanes which aren’t even giving me blisters. So life is good. Even if am having to be an adult, and rebel in more adult ways. Like, jaywalking. Or maybe throwing away my newspaper, and NOT holding onto it until I see a recycling bin? Ooh, maybe I’ll be really crazy and not vaccuum the living room like I do every other afternoon. Oh, and watch out: I might even not respond to some emails, Just Cause I Don’t Feel Like It.

Watch out. I’m dangerous. Can’t you tell?

have a good day everyone….