Today, I went to return something at Banana Republic and there was this big crowd in the center of the mall, lots of extra cops, something big was clearly about to happen. I exchanged my shirt, walked out, and then: CLOWNS.

Lots of clowns. An entire busload, in fact, that had come in from the clown convention which is apparently happening this weekend in Durham. There was a clown on stilts with an American flag hat. A midget clown. A clown carrying a huge water pistol wearing a sign that said “Dear Hunter.” (?) Big clowns, small clowns, all of them with their white faces and rubber noses and big feet.


The older I get, the more clowns freak me out. I don’t know why that is. But as I tried to work my way through the crowd, I kept passing them, their loud voices, a honk here and there. Way too many clowns. As my friend Leigh said when I told her about it later, from a safe distance, “What the hell’s up with that?”


Then, driving through town, I saw that the furniture store where I’d put down a deposit on a bed has abruptly (as in, since Monday) announced it is going out of business. Bankrupt. When I went in and asked if I was going to GET my bed, ever, the answer was No. What about my deposit back? Umm, you better contact your credit card company. That’s all I can tell you.

Great. My credit card company says they’ll do what they can, that I have to fill out paperwork, send documentation. Jeez Louise. A day that starts with clowns just can’t end well, I guess. Honestly.

have a good day everyone!