Good morning.

It’s really fall here: there’s that crisp feeling in the air, and it’s the first time I can remember since April or so when you really NEED to have a sweater when you leave the house. I love fall, but I’m not so crazy about winter. My husband hates cold weather, and all weekend, when we’d see leaves falling, so pretty, he’d curse and shake his fist. I tried telling him he has to make his peace with the changing seasons, we all do. But he refuses to give in. Maybe we should move to California. Isn’t it warm most of the time there?

Anyway. This was a pretty uneventful weekend, leading up to a very busy week. The best news: Bend it Like Beckham comes on on DVD tomorrow. Yesssss! I am so excited about this. I don’t know what it is about that movie. I just think it’s going to become like Bridget Jones’s Diary, a movie I put in when I’m having a bad day or nervous about something, and it will just instantly make me feel better. So nice.

I have tons of errands to run today: post office, gas station, grocery store. But if I lived in New York City, I’d be going to see Madonna at 3:30 and nothing would stop me. I did a bookstore appearance yesterday, and four people showed up. Something tells me she might pull in a few more people. Just a hunch.

Finally, Donald O’Connor died this weekend. Everyone seems to remember him from Singing in the Rain, but the minute I saw a clip from that I realized he’s also Tim Donahue from There’s No Business Like Show Business, which I just love. There was a period of time when you could not turn on AMC without catching this movie in progress. It’s so cheesy and wonderful, totally melodramatic at times, and you have Marilyn Monroe AND a big showstopping number at the end. Plus Ethel Merman. What else do you want?

Okay, I *have* to leave the house now. With a sweater.

have a good day everyone!