Late entry today. But better late than never, I guess!

Today I got up VERY early and drove to Raleigh to Ravenscroft School, where I did two talks. I had a great time, and they treated me so well, giving me not only some very good cookies but also a complimentary teddy bear. How often in your life do people give you stuffed animals? So nice.

Then, I went and bought a gift for a baby shower I’m going to this weekend AND a pair of yoga pants (on sale! $15!) which are so comfortable that they might be only thing I wear, ever, from now on. Seriously. I think with a nice top I could even pull them off as evening wear.

In other clothes updates, today was the first day of the new fall season where I wore all black. I LOVE all black, even though my students over the years have mocked me by how often I show up sporting absolutely no other colors. What can I say? It’s classic, slimming, and doesn’t show stains. My new yoga pants are black, too. Perfect.

Plus I just ate a piece of chocolate marbled banana bread that I made earlier in the week, which was just so good.


Don’t you just love Wednesdays?

have a good day everyone!