Good morning.

And here, for your Friday, a moment with wildlife:

The deer are everywhere these days. In the yard, by the fence, walking across the street (and, more sadly, laying dead on the side of the road. Welcome to the circle of life, played out daily here in the country. Cheerful, isn’t it?) I worry that the deer aren’t scared enough of us humans: the other day I walked out to my car and one little bambi was about five feet away, just staring at me. It lolled around for a second or two before finally running off, awfully slowly, I might add.


Onto cheerier topics, then. It’s Friday, I’m going on a roadtrip with my girlfriends tomorrow, which I’m really looking forward to. It’s a crisp, cool day, which means I can wear my suede jacket, pretty much my all time favorite wardrobe item. (A splurge at Lord and Taylor, a couple of years back, worth EVERY penny.) It’s one of those things that I would never sell, even if you offered me millions of dollars, because I just love it that much. I only have a couple of pieces of clothing that I feel that way about—my wingtip Doc Martens being another, and maybe my Mia clogs that make me look both taller and skinnier, they’re like magic shoes, I swear to God. I know that I am entirely too attached to inanimate objects, but when something makes you feel good, it makes you feel good. Period.

Speaking of things that make me feel NOT good, NOT at ALL: when will they just end this Joey and Rachel thing on Friends? It’s WRONG, people. Just plain wrong. (You can tell by my overuse of CAPITALS that I feel STRONGLY about this.) It’s like I have to look away when they kiss, ewww, yuck, and I never felt that way about Chandler and Monica. Hurry up and break them up, do what you have to do, get the universe back in order. Thank you.

have a good weekend everyone!