Good Monday Morning!

(Will it BE a good Monday, really? Impossible to say. But I am detemined to be positive, especially this early in the a.m.)

This weekend was fun but oh so busy. Saturday morning I was up bright and early to drive with my good friends Bianca and Ashley to Waynesville, NC, about a four and a half hour trip, for a baby shower for our friend Hannah. I had a great time seeing her—she’s the girlfriend I’ve known the longest: she moved in across the street from me when she was eleven and I was twelve–as well as her family. Plus the food at the shower was GREAT. I had about three egg salad sandwiches, two ham and cheese (they were little, I might add, not normal size) and a bunch of other finger food. Yum. Then, we said our goodbyes, got back in the car, and drove five hours back here. I was going to just collapse, but then I got coerced over to my neighbor’s house to play poker. (They swore they just wanted to see me, but I think they just knew I’d lose some money. Which I did. Ten bucks!) By the time I finally went to bed around midnight I wasn’t even sure I’d really gone all the way to the mountains and back that day. It seemed entirely possible that I made it up, or something. But I spent all day yesterday sleeping, off and on, and now I feel back to normal. Whatever that means.

I came home to a nice email from Clint at, which had a link to his review of the How to Deal DVD, which discusses all the extras and everything. Very nice to see that. I myself have been busy watching Bend it Like Beckham entirely too much, as well as catching up on everything the Tivo has taped for me. Last night I watched two “True Life” episodes back to back: the one about cheerleading, and the one about phobias. I felt for the girl who was afraid to fly, and especially for the girl who was afraid of cats. But the girl who was terrified of midgets: THAT was really something. Yikes.

As for me, I’m currently afraid of how busy this week is shaping up to be. Pat Conroy on our campus tomorrow, editing to do, papers to grade, emails to answer, and the list just goes on and on. It’s a lot to think about at 8:44 am. But I will stay positive. Watch me!

have a good day everyone….